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Veterinary Medical Licensure

  • Types of Licensure - Three types of licenses are issued in Idaho - an active license, an active license on inactive status, and temporary permits.
  • Minimum Qualifications for Licensure - What it takes to become a licensed Veterinary in Idaho.
  • Application for Licensure - For all types of veterinary licensure in Idaho.
  • Application Forms - Contains links to all forms used by the Board for licensing of veterinarians.
  • Controlled Substance Registration - All practitioners must hold valid Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Idaho Board of Pharmacy controlled substance registrations prior to prescribing, dispensing, administering or maintaining an inventory of controlled substances in Idaho.
  • Continuing Education - Importance that veterinarians continue their veterinary education throughout the period of their active practice of veterinary medicine.
  • Role of the Supervising Veterinarian - A supervising veterinarian provides direct supervision for all procedures pertaining to the practice of veterinary medicine.
  • Professional Ethics - Adopted principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics of the American Veterinary Medical Association as the definition of ethical and professional conduct for licensed veterinarians.
  • National Veterinary Accreditation Program - This voluntary program certifies private veterinary practitioners to work cooperatively with Federal veterinarians and State animal health officials.
  • Disciplinary Procedures - Regulation of licensed and unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine.
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